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Depending on your country and version of Opera, the VPN might be available only in private mode. In private mode, you will be able to turn the VPN on and off from the private mode start page or from the address bar. The VPN settings are always reachable from the dialog box seen after tapping VPN in the address bar. ★ NEW! Better anti-firewall system. Made for users who can’t connect earlier. Our VPN for Opera gives you unlimited bandwidth, access to more than 10 virtual locations.

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Os recomendamos visitar nuestro completo análisis de la VPN de Opera, donde encontrarás todas las características en detalle y Use our VPN to get access to sites you otherwise couldn't.

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You still need a full VPN if privacy is what you care about (and you should care about your privacy). Make sure Opera VPN is enabled.

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Change your virtual location to access content from wherever you are in the world. Additional regions Access content from 10 regions (Canada, US, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Spain, UK, Australia, France, Italy). Details: Because Opera's browser VPN is built right in, you are able to use it immediately and don't need to download a VPN extension. Turn on Opera VPN in the setting and your IP address will be replaced with a virtual one to help you avoid unintended location With Operas VPN turned on, your IP address will be replaced with a virtual one, making it harder for websites to track your location  This tutorial will show you how to enable or disable and use the free built-in VPN (Virtual Private Network) service in Opera browser Opera’s new VPN feature is technically still in beta and therefore requires the beta version of the browsing app. You can also force the VPN to connect to proxies in a certain region (Europe, America or Asia) or automatically select the optimal location under the “Virtual Opera Free VPN blocks ad trackers and lets you change your virtual location. You can also lock your location to a specific region, either Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, or the United States, and disable cookies from tracking your data. The VPN server locations are great but it’s missing the UK. This means you can’t watch BBC iPlayer or Channel 4 On Demand.

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With a free, unlimited, native VPN that just works out-of-the-box and doesn’t require any subscription, Opera wants to make VPNs available to everyone. That’s why Opera’s built-in free VPN feature is easy to use.

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You can then select your desired virtual location and also see stats on the data used. Opera’s VPN can also be used in a private browsing window. Shield your browsing in public networks Opera VPN uses a proxy to route your connection through an intermediary server based in your chosen location. However, Opera uses proxy rather than a VPN because they don’t encrypt your connection. It means that your IP address is hidden, but it still can be accessed via third parties. Paid VPN services offer a robust range of server locations. Selecting one that’s stationed in the UK will make it appear that you’re accessing the web from that region.

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If some content is not available from our free VPN location you can simply change to many other virtual locations.